Hi, I’m Ella. When I was a teenager, I re-discovered reading through YA fiction and the growing market and community surrounding this literature consumed me. I knew, from the age of 15, that I wanted to work in publishing.

At 18, I went off the university and in many respects had to put my reading on hold – even though I was doing an English literature degree! So began three years of academic, classical reading. I loved it – even the 800 page Victorian novels, and Middle English medieval poetry. But I sorely missed the children’s and YA literature that had inspired me to do this degree in the first place.

I began to rectify this in my final year, when I was able to write a dissertation on any chosen topic. I picked YA titles, and it was my favourite paper of my entire course. I was back in business!

I graduated in July 2017 and quickly began to catch-up on the last three years of missed reading, discovering a wealth of new YA and children’s authors to be explored.

This blog began as a way for me to feel out this new publishing terrain, and to muse not only the books I’ve been reading lately, but my long-awaited journey into a publishing career. So far, I have undertaken three work experience placements and one internship in the publishing industry, and I am now searching for an entry-level job. I’m documenting this in the hopes that I can chat to other people with similar aspirations, as well as a rough guide to people who are looking to take their first steps into the industry – it’s a touch one to crack, but reading and talking to people who have successfully gained entry has been invaluable to me.

Review Policy

  • I only review books I have enjoyed. This blog is not a space for negativity of any kind.
  • I do not give starred reviews anymore, as of January 2018. Assume that any book reviewed on this blog would get ALL the stars from me!
  • I do not request ARCs or proofs from publishers, and do not see myself as a full-tie book blogger. Rather, I simply like to share what recent reads I’ve loved, and read recommendations from other people. I buy all my books from bookshops and charity shops, and use my local library regularly.