BLOG REVAMP: Restructuring

So it’s been a while, and I’m definitely greeting my 2018 resolution belatedly, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and what I want it to do and how it fits into the publishing community that I’m slowly becoming a part of. And so I decided to revamp the way I’m reviewing and talking about my journey to a publishing career in order to make me more motivated to keep up the posts and share recommendations, as well as to make this a solely positive space.

Firstly, I will only be talking about books I’ve loved. My time spent interning in the publishing industry in the last 7 or so months has really showed me that this is a community that thrives off of celebration and positivity: people in publishing, and children’s publishing in particular, don’t spend time bemoaning books they hated, but chatting fervently about books they’ve devoured. As such, I’m only going to talk about books I enjoy from now on. When I first started reviewing, I hated the pressure that would build up as I realised halfway through a book that I was having problems with certain aspects of it, and that to give an honest review, I’d have to flag these up. In becoming a more active part of publishing Twitter as well, and interacting with more authors both online and in my job, I came to understand how much our words can affect the creator, who has worked tirelessly to put their work into the world. Just because it’s not my cup of tea does not mean it isn’t someone else’s, and it certainly doesn’t mean the author should have to hear about it! Also, by cutting out any negative reviews, I hope I’ll be more inclined to write on this blog and talk animatedly about books I’ve loved, and I hope to give back to the publishing community who many a time have graced me with excellent recommendations thanks to their glowing reviews (here’s looking at you, #UKYAchat !) This also means no more starred reviews: from now on, any book I review on here you can assume I’d give all the stars to!

Secondly, I’m going to try to keep up with my Path to Publishing series more. This month, I completed my internship at a literary agency – which is part of the reason I stepped away from blogging for so long: working 9-5 was definitely a wake-up call! – and then went on to do work experience with a placement on the much sought-after Penguin Random House scheme. And now, I’m trying to find my way to an entry-level role in publishing. Along this journey, I’ve discovered and learned so many important terms, processes, and lessons, and I want to start to share them because I know that a year ago it would have been the kind of information I, as a soon-to-be-grad eager to get into publishing, would have jumped at the chance to read about. Getting in is so incredibly hard, and I’m still in the throes of trying to find that perfect job, that it’s something we should all be able to share and talk about.

Thirdly, I may collate reviews and general musings about publishing into one fortnightly/ monthly post. This is mainly so I can feel like I’m staying on top of the blog and not neglecting it, but also so that it doesn’t start to feel like a chore! I’m excited to get back to sharing my thoughts about recent reads and to reading other people’s, but I’m even more excited to do it in a concise and succinct way!

See you in the new reviews!


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