Book Post: 5 Reads to Look Forward to Post-Finals!

In the midst of a revision crisis, I turned to buying books. Naturally. In my head, it’s a good incentive to work hard and enjoy the pleasures of reading for the sake of reading (as opposed to study) once exams are done. Hoping they won’t be an alluring distraction on my bookshelf when I’m meant to be dissecting Oedipus for the 800th time this term.



The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

It’s making it’s rounds at the moment and from a lot of Twitter discussions I’ve seen, deserves to be getting the hype it is. Really excited to delve into something that isn’t afraid to socially critique and call out.

One Italian Summer – Keris Stainton

I just need one gushing romantic read this summer. I always do. I expect this will be the first one I go for – seeking Italian settings post-exam hall is a must. It’s perfect timing for it’s release.

Nasty Women – 404 Ink

Over the past few years, I’ve been drip-fed some really interesting feminist criticism and essays but never had much time to really read around the subject. I think publications like these, which respond to current issues and are targeted at the masses, are a really good way of getting into the subject.

The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry

The day before I ordered this, I got a Bookseller email telling me it had won the Book of the Year from the British Book Awards. Straight in the basket it went.

Seven Days of You – Cecelia Vinesse

Technically not a recent purchase but it’s been sitting on my shelf for a few weeks so I’m adding it to the post-exams haul. Also managed to grab a signed copy which is a plus. Another summery, light-hearted read I can’t wait to start!


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