TTT: Top Ten Fandoms

Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday post! Thanks to The Broke and The Bookish for hosting – I’m really excited to get started with my list.

I definitely have an addictive personality – since my McFly-era circa 2005 (yes, seriously) I’ve tended to get obsessional about various movements, bands, book series, or films! But as I grew up and got social media, I realised so were many others and that maybe that energy could be channeled helpfully! My experiences with all these fandoms have been great: they make me laugh daily, and having a sense of group understanding and appreciation is so uplifting!

  1. Dustlands: It would be pretty strange for me not to have this as number one. After all, I did run the main Dustlands fansite for a few years! I got to meet so many cool people doing this from across the globe, and we eagerly awaited the final book all together!
  2. Louis Theroux: He’s really taken off recently – mainly thanks to people who’ve seen one or two of his docs and then buy a hipster t-shirt with his face on. Buuut, for those of us who’ve seen all his work and eagerly await the next series, you can have the best discussions about his difficult or taboo topics, and always laugh at Louis’ attempted indifference. My personal fave? The cosmetic surgery doc!
  3. Chaos Walking: This one never really took off per se, but I remember the few quiet voices on tumblr that fell equally in love with Patrick Ness’ series. Hopefully, the movie adaptation will bring more to the series!
  4. Game of Thrones: By now, who isn’t part of this fandom?! Whether it’s the books or the TV series, this fandom is just so active and alive and constantly creating complex theories. Only downside: if you miss the latest episode, you can be sure the eagerness to discuss and dissect on Twitter will ruin it for you!
  5. Gilmore Girls: Now a controversial one. Pre-Revival era, Gilmore Girls was a great fandom to be part of: it was fun and relaxed and people generally liked most of the characters. Tumblr had the most incredible collection of gifs seemingly for every scene across the seasons. Post-Revival, things are a bit different, but at least the fandom is still united in its mutual distaste.
  6. #UKYAchat: Not officially a fandom, but a community on par with one for sure! I’ve only started taking part this year but I’m loving the familiarity and warmth and openness between everyone!
  7. Baz Luhrmann: Recently I’ve realised just how loved Baz’s works are; I shouldn’t be surprised, because he is the best director, artist, storyteller, and creator in the industry. Secret Cinema showings of Moulin Rouge, which is showing for two months every night (!), are sold out; that’s more than 500+ people a night who love his work so much they’re happy to pay £50+ to experience his vision in real life! Pretty cool.
  8. House of Cards: This one has been fun to be a part of with the rise of Trump this year. Spotting the parallels between reality and the series with all the other fans has been alarming, but thanks to the humour of the fandom, quite entertaining!
  9. Jane Austen: Enough of a Janeite to write my final year dissertation on her novel! I’m not an active part of the fandom, tending to feel slightly intimidated by the love for, and knowledge of, her (always the case with classical figures) but I do revel in the knowledge of how much her work is still appreciated!
  10. Twilight: Okay, major throwback. But seriously, back when I was 13, I lived for this series, and it was what introduced me to YouTube, tumblr, and WordPress. Twilight was also the first book I properly read and enjoyed as a teen, and so I always credit it with beginning my reading obsession. Because I caught it just as the first film was coming out, I really got the fan experience following the rest of the films!

What’re your fandom experiences?


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