This is my first shout into the outernet as a solo blogger. I used to work over at dustlandsfans.com but have spent the last few years avidly studying medieval through to eighteenth century literature in the dusty corners of Cambridge libraries. As a result, my previous commitments to the YA community slowly faded away until, arriving home after my first year, I was faced with my bookshelves of old favourites.

I grew up with the YA literature of Tahreh Mafi, Patrick Ness, Lauren Oliver, Ally Condie, Moira Young. In the three years I’ve been out of the loop, whilst many familiar faces remain, many new ones have also popped up. Here, in my little cyber reading snug, I’m hoping to do a whistle-stop tour of YA since late 2014 through to the present day. Any suggestions are welcome.

But I also want to use this platform to document and muse on my journey towards the publishing industry. Since I was 15 and had just undertaken my first internship with a literacy agency, I knew I wanted to be involved in the book-making process. For years before, I though that would be in the role of writer. Then it struck me that I’d make a much better editor. And since, with a shout out of thanks to my degree for its help, I’ve developed a critical eye. Now, facing looming final exams, and the panic-stricken hunt for a job as everybody else around me seems to landed themselves a position, somewhere, anywhere (!), I realise how daunting entering such a big industry is. Hopefully, for future readers and aspiring editors, publicists, marketers, producers, agents, rights managers, and everyone else, this can be a guide on how to (or maybe even how not to!) reach those goals.

See you at the next post!


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